Around 15 years ago a move to the Russian colleagues. He followed his parents who served in the Embassy office. He was explain, there often during the walk to the Spanish, Swedish, or encircle Europe :z. Wooww, so amazing :~.

When he returned to the country, I had time to ask taught Russian language: writing and conversation. Fuuhh, very confusing, but quite challenging and fun. Several months later, he returned to Russia. Short course was ended :r.

If i remember that time, so sorry. Want to learn Russian loose slowly. Laziness is to pick a language that really leave me :(. Ya Rabbi, I take refuge in you from the stupidity, laziness, doubt, and other human diseases, amin.

Around six months ago, other friend contact me. He offers a job abroad. Work in helping a private company in Russia. Condition: of course should be able to speak Russian. Doh!

Feel like be struck by lightning, which is provided within one month to learn and master the language. But the first lesson I can almost never be loose. While the bidding when it came, I also still have a responsibility as a journalist in a national daily in Jakarta. Somehow, I bid the golden decline.

Huuuhhhh, if a nation such as political at this time, desire to work abroad. Not because the country did not love, but want to feel the experience of others before marriage. Want to save a lot of money for fun and friends. Will have more opportunity? Rusia..ohh, Rusia.

Country is terrible, now always follow me. I want to chase each other the opportunity again. At least to get out of the capital city. And Russia, will have the opportunity to meet your face again? Hopefully :r.

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